Artisan USB Cables

The order form opens at 10:00 AM PST on January 18th, 2020.


Hi, welcome to the new SummitCables website!

I am based out of Oregon in the United States, and all of my Cable Drops will be in the Pacific time zone.
You will find all you need to know about Summitcables here, such as information about our available options as well as information about future Group Buys.
I highly suggest joining the Discord, as you can ask any other questions you might have and interact with our community.


Contact Us

740 NE 3RD ST
STE 3 # 346
Bend, OR 97701
United States

Group Buy Schedule

We are currently taking orders using a Google Form which opens up every Saturday at 10:00 AM PT located at this link.

Keep in mind that all times are subject to change. In the event of any changes, an announcement will be posted in the Summitcables Discord.

January 18th January 25th February 1st
LE Noir LE Blizzard TBD
LE Noir All options TBD
20 units 50 units TBD

Terms of Service

3-7 business day turnaround time
14 day return policy
No refunds unless authorized (misorders, rent is due, etc.)