Detachable connectors functionally allow for ease and flow when interchanging USB connectors while also preserving the lifespan of your USB cable’s receptacle.

The Collector’s Edition series, also known as the CE-series, is a range of always in-stock colored detachables. CE detachables will be offered every group buy.

The Limited Edition series, also known as the LE-series, is a range of very rare colored detachables.

The Special Edition series, also known as the SE-series, is a range of colored detachables only made through partnerships with vendors within the community.

All colored detachables are unique to and only obtainable through Summitcables.

Not all LE detachables are pictured in the catalog.


CE Beige

CE Blue Gray

CE Crimson Red

CE Everest White

CE Glossy Black

CE Gunmetal Gray

CE Polar Blue

CE Raven Black

CE Royal Purple

CE Sakura

CE Sky Blue

LE 9009

LE Dark Matter

LE Galaxy

LE Ghost

LE Glacier

LE Nebula

LE Noir

LE Olive

LE Pink Champagne

LE Pink Rose Gold

LE Something Gray

LE Wild Purple

LE Yolch