Ordering Questions:

"When can I purchase a cable?"

Cable purchases will happen almost every Saturday at 10 am PST, with an Instagram and Discord post announcing the GB is happening coming in a couple days before.

"How many cables are stocked each purchase period?"

Typically there are 50 assembled cable spots as well as 10 extra end slots available every purchasing period, more or less may be added to accommodate for demand but those will be announced on discord.

"How can I purchase a cable?"

Purchasing a cable is as easy as heading over to the artisan cable page under shop, choosing the options you want on the cable and then checking out when the ordering period is live.

"What does each of the various customization options on the ordering page refer to?"

On the artisan cable product page, scroll a bit underneath to see a write up with descriptions and pictures of what each of the following customization options refer to and are available.

"Is it possible for me to buy just an extra end so I can use my Summitcable on other keyboards?"

Yes! Every purchase period will also include a listing for extra ends, every Saturday there will be around 10 device ends available for purchase. Important notes about these extra ends, no coiled paracords are available for these ends but every other customization option is virtually the same as the regular artisan cables.

"Why do you only allow ordering once a week?"

One of the main reasons why we only allow purchases to be done once a week is to introduce a new or fan favorite LE detachable for purchase every week. (More info regarding detachable rarity in Cable Questions section)

"When and where can I found out what the special weekly LE detachable is?"

The weekly LE detachable will be announced usually a couple days before the purchasing period on the Summitcables Discord Server in the sc-group-buy channel and on Instagram. On those sites, we will frequently show the detachable with a cable build that we think best matches it.

"If I get the LE detachable do I have to get the same cable build that Summitcables shows it with?"

Absolutely not! The cable build we show off is merely a suggestion for your build, you are encouraged to tweak and change the configuration to be one that you deem your own. However if you do simply just want the same cable as the ones we show off, you can simply choose all the options with the detachable name and the recommended tag when building your artisan cable.


Cable Questions:

"What do the rarity markers on the detachables mean?"

The rarity systems for detachables refer to the week to week availability of various detachables

CEMeans that a detachable will be available every week as we have a constant stock of them. Frequently detachables of CE quality usually have one single color.

LE: Means that a detachable is only available on a week by week basis, frequently these are detachables with special paint with them or have a unique hard to achieve color

SE: Usually refer to a special collaboration or special edition cable, frequently they will be a preset design to go along with a special keyset or theme and will include a special box and card. These SE designs might have a much longer turnaround time as they are made to go alongside with specific products and their estimated shipping period.

"Is there a list of LE that are going to be rerun and if so when?"

No, we currently do not have a list of all the LE we are going to rerun and when, there are some plans to rerun some very popular detachables, but those will be announced on a week by week basis.

"Does Summitcables offer 90 degree coils?"

No, we currently do not offer 90 degree coils for cables in our regular weekly purchasing period. But commission cables will be able to offer that (see commission cable questions for more info)

"Does Summitcables offer USB Type-C to C?"

No, we do not offer USB Type-C to C anymore due to the fact that it does not work on every keyboard PCB and we had customers not realize that and buy a Type-C to C cable before. To lessen the reports of this, we have decided to stop offering the option to have a Type-C to C cable.

"Does Summitcables offer Lemo/Lemo-like connectors?"

Not currently, we have plans to do this sometime in the future but no current ETA on that as of now.

"Will the Aviator detachable work with other cable maker's cables?"

Possibly, please refer to our wiring guide and see if it matches the layout of your other cable before attempting it though. 

 DIY Wiring Guide

"I have a general idea of what keyboard and keycap set I want my cable to match but am not sure what options to do, is there anywhere I can go for help?"

In our Discord we have an entire channel for cable configuration recommendations, hope in and we might be able to help you decide on your cable configuration.


Commission Cable Questions:

"What exactly are commission cables?"

Commission Cables are cables that will cost 2.5x but in exchange you can configure the cables to have any sorta setup you desire such as 90 degree coils, 2 tone detachables, old LE detachables, almost anything. As long as it is deemed doable by us and you put it in the notes when you checkout or you dm us on discord these commission cables can have almost any option.

"What are the drawbacks of commission cables?"

Commission cables have a turnaround time of 1-3 weeks instead of the normal 3-7 buisness days and as stated before will cost an additional 2.5x more expensive than normal cable prices. Additionally slots will only open every 2ish weeks and there is only 5 slots.

"What are some benefits that I receive from buying a commission cable?"

As states before, you get the entire range of options that Summitcables including all past detachables including those that were LE as well as exclusive options such 90 degree coil and almost anything else you can think of. In addition, we will provide you updates on your cable and the entire cable making process daily.

"Will engravings be allowed on commission cables?"

There are plans to add engravings to commission cables, but right now we are

not offering it, we will make an announcement when it is available.


Cable/Order Support

"What is the best way to contact support"

The absolute best way to contact us is through our Discord Server.

"When will I receive my cable purchase?"

Current turnaround time is 3-7 business days, in that time frame you will receive a tracking number through your email and through a text on your phone. If a tracking number has not come within that timeframe, please join our discord and ask in the sc-question channel about orders.

"Who do I ask and where do I ask in regards to order questions? (wrong order came in, updates to order, changes to order)"

If an order needs to be changed please email our support email at support@summitcables.com or dm Summitcables through our Discord Server.

"What do I do if my cable doesn't work?"

Please join our Discord Server and detail what is not working in the sc-questions channel and we will attempt to help you solve the problem with your cable, if it is not able to be solved in the chat we will ask you to dm Summitcables through Discord for additional support.


DIY Cable Kit Questions

"Where do I go for help with my DIY cable kit?"

We strongly recommend joining our Discord Server so you can ask us directly and other members who have assembled their own DIY cable kit on advice regarding the task.

"Will other color detachables be eventually offered for DIY kits?"

Yes! We have just recently added Rose gold and Everest White detachables options to the DIY kit and as well as added the option to buy those 2 detachables separately. In the future we will also be offering LE DIY kits alongside our weekly Saturday cable purchasing period (exact number of kits TBD).

"How do I wire my DIY kit?"

DIY Wiring Guide


Have Additional Questions? Join our Discord Server to ask!

Have Additional Questions? Join our Discord Server to ask!