OTD/Matrix Cable
OTD/Matrix Cable
OTD/Matrix Cable
OTD/Matrix Cable
OTD/Matrix Cable
OTD/Matrix Cable
OTD/Matrix Cable
OTD/Matrix Cable

OTD/Matrix Cable

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Artisan cable

Fully customizable USB for OTD/Matrix-style keyboards cable built by Summitcables. With a wide range of color options you can create a cable made for just you, your keyboard and your keycap set.

Length on a straight cable is the whole cable length, while length on a coiled cable goes between the end of the coil to the host connector.

Coils are purely an aesthetic feature, which gives your cable that extra style.

Coil alignment
This is only applicable to coiled cable with a detachable.

Paracord is a USA-made Type III cord used to sleeve the cable wire.

Click here to browse through paracord color chart.

Techflex is a type of double-sleeving material used to sleeve the paracord. This second layer of sleeving adds durability and rigidity to the cable, as well as style.

Click here to browse through techflex color chart.

Heatshrinks are shrinkable plastic tubes used around the connectors and under the detachables to secure the cable.

Click here to browse through heatshrink color chart.

USB connectors are used to power and transfer data between your host (ie. your computer) and device (ie. you keyboard).

Only the host connector is customizable on these cables, the host end of the cable consist of only bare conductors.

Detachable connectors functionally allow for ease and flow when interchanging USB connectors, while also preserving the lifespan of you USB cable's receptacle.

Click here to browse through detachable color chart.

Colored strips, made out of heatshrink, attached to the detachable.

Click here to browse through accents (heatshrink) color chart.