SE Fuyu

The SE Fuyu form is currently open.
There are 75 units available for purchase.

We at Summitcables are teaming up and collaborating with Mcnos to bring
you GMK Fuyu cables, including custom Fuyu themed boxes and cards!

These are SE Cables, meaning they are deadlocked into a detachable design.

Every order will come with a custom card and custom box design.

The group buy will run February 11th, 2020 or until 75 orders are received.


GMK Fuyu Group Buy Thread
SE Fuyu Group Buy Form


Terms of Service

Estimated Date of Delivery: June 2020

No refunds unless authorized (misorders, rent is due, etc.)

Available Options

  • SE Fuyu Yuki - Coiled $60 - 6 in. coil, 4 ft.
  • SE Fuyu Yuki - Straight $50- 6 ft.
  • SE Fuyu Sakura - Coiled $60 - 6 in. coil, 4 ft.
  • SE Fuyu Sakura - Straight $50- 6 ft.

SE Fuyu Yuki

SE Fuyu Sakura