SE Marshmallow

The SE Marshmallow group buy has concluded.

Welcome to the Summitcables x Thic Thock Marshmallow collaboration. This was a previous collaboration to bring you SE Marshmallow cables.

These are SE Cables, meaning they are deadlocked into a detachable design.

Every order will come with a custom card and custom box design.

All switch orders with the cables will be handled by me.


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Terms of Service

Estimated Date of Delivery: February 2020

No refunds unless authorized (misorders, rent is due, etc.)

Available Options

  • SE Marsh - Coiled $60 - 6 in. coil, 4 ft.
  • SE Marsh - Straight $50- 6 ft.
  • SE Mallow - Coiled $60 - 6 in. coil, 4 ft.
  • SE Mallow - Straight $50- 6 ft.

SE Marsh

SE Mallow